Craigmont Industries Ltd, a private corporation, was formed by Jeff Stibbard, CEO and Brent Gilchrist, President on May of 2012.

During 2012, Craigmont Industries took over control of Craigmont Mines Ltd.  magnetite inventory and current assets. For the last  35 years, Craigmont Mines Ltd. was the largest supplier of coal washing magnetite to the Western Canadian market.

Needing a new source of magnetite to supply the coal industry, Craigmont Industries recently completed construction of a magnetite production plant located at the Mount Polley Copper Mine near Likely, British Columbia. The result is a synergistic relationship with Imperial Metals, the parent company and owner of the Mount Polley Copper Mine wherein Craigmont's plant recovers magnetite from Mount Polley's tailings system.

Craigmont Industries new, modern magnetite facility is now the only specialized Coal Washing Magnetite facility in North America. Although Craigmont Industries is a young company, it is well capitalized and  backed by a lifetime of experience through our partnership with the JDS Energy and Mining. Since its incorporation in 2001 the JDS team has engineered, constructed and operated  some of the world’s  most challenging projects. Craigmont Industries proprietary processing technolog was designed, built, and is operated by the professional management team at JDS Energy and Mining.

Craigmont Industries is committed to delivering the highest quality magnetite, logistical solutions and  customized inventory management  to our clients worldwide

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