The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Program used at the Craigmont Industries magnetite project provides maximum value and adheres to only the highest standard of principles.  Our first principle is “No harm to people, environment, assets and reputation”. This “Zero Harm” goal is not unique to Craigmont Industries (CIL). In fact, you may find this message is part of the safety program of most companies.  The real challenge comes in creating and implementing a health and safety program that will lead to achieving this goal.

Our corporate HSE Program never operates in complete isolation; it must be able to integrate with clients, subcontractors, regulating bodies, and local communities. CIL has worked closely with Mount Polley Mining Corporation (MPMC) to ensure that our HSE Program meets or exceeds all of the MPMC requirements. If situations arise where there is a discrepancy between the standards of our HSE Program and that of an owner or regulating body, we will adhere to the highest standard.  We have integrated MPMC’s existing safety program into CIL’s site safety program. This requires that any and all new employees or contractors arriving on site are trained on both the CIL and MPMC safety requirements, from orientation and safe work practices to emergency response plans and safety committees. This program integration creates a work environment where the two entities are able to work safely in close proximity to each other.


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